AlfaBeta is the first Data Management and Biostatistics Company of Turkey We provide comfortably accessible, friendly and researchers’ point of view aware biostatistics services which produce accurate and robust solutions.

AlfaBeta provides full support in determining the numerical and structural sample properties, necessary for reaching the correct conclusions, and in correct and reliable processing of the data in accordance with the study design, in reaching the analysis using the proper methods, in interpreting and reporting the results.  We strive to make the whole process robust and reliable but as transparent as possible to the users of the services.

In addition to designing, conducting and reporting medical research with all the necessary requisites, AlfaBeta aims to bring biostatistics within the grasp of all who wish to understand the process better.

AlfaBeta has been established by Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şenocak and Dr. Mehmet Yusuf in 2010

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