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  • Methodology, analysis and biostatistics consulting in clinical, observational and bioequivalence studies in each step from the design phase to the end of the study.
    • Database preparation
    • Data entry
    • Data management
    • Sample size calculation
    • Power analysis
    • Randomization
    • Statistical Analysis Plan
    • Statistical interim and final analysis
    • Bioequivalence analysis and reporting
  • Interactive workshops
    • Interactive management of the sample properties (numerical and structural) of a virtual medical research.
    • Interactive preparation of a database for data entry of a virtual medical research and linking it with an analysis program.
    • Interactive discussion about the analysis techniques of a virtual sample medical research.
    • Interactive discussion about the errors and deficiencies of sample data entered into the electronic database.
    • Interactive discussion of the biostatistical properties of real publications.
  • Target oriented modular seminars on basic or advanced biostatistics training.
  • CRF, e-CRF design
  • Electronic data storage and transfer

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